Dub Standard

Over the past few weeks I’ve been dubbing all my VHS movies to disk in an effort to reduce the ridiculous amount crap I have to physically own, and in turn find  place for in my life. All this conversion from format to format and planned obsolescence of technologies have made me wary as time progresses… but I have to admit, I had forgotten how awful VHS looks on a large screen.

In addition to training my pets to do silly things, I’ve been doing a bunch of work for the job in addition to working on the [Datalus] site. I’m continuing to add blog site scripts as I build this site and test out features on other sites. In the next few weeks the core should solidify and the example scripts will get a little more robust (particularly the forum). Someday I’ll have a second to write something a little more thoughtful on this wall, but for now I’ll just leave you with copulating anoles engaging in a bit of exhibitionism downtown.