We like to feel that we are independent, undirected… that there is some substantive reason for things being the way they are. I think a sense of empowerment and hope (pandora’s final, most severe curse) is what allows us to continue in an environment where we are all raised to be heros but social necessity demands pawns. The strange thing it seems is, despite the common perception, all the trappings associated with this lifestyle may be had easily by anyone who is interested. It’s *social* pressure that keeps that sort of thing in check, not any logistical problem… not to mention, if you *had* that kind of personal liberation, would anyone need pop culture to vicariously live these experiences? So why is it experimentation is such a bad thing?

My personal slant on this is the ‘on the wagon’ personality. This person cannot absorb responsibility for their own impulse. A simple case of this is someone who feels their level of intoxication absolves them of some level of responsibility. When a person takes on this attitude the tendency is to push it as far as possible, then when disaster strikes: Blame is deflected in order to conceal the root impulse. Thus people who don't want to take responsibility for their own actions and impulses and blame the subject or circumstances of their new activity. Don’t you just hate it when people spoil things for everyone?

So this basically forces anyone outside convention to totally eschew norms and live antagonistically, play a multi-level game where you very slowly let people into your life, or adopt a view which puts you into the least suspect group and you lead a double life (don’t think I don’t know who you are). These options all seem somewhat lame, but given the innate competitive environment which spurs us to greatness, the situation demands secrecy.

Don’t let them irradiate your brain selling you the dream of a life you can have tomorrow.