Verbal Tea

So, I had an exceptionally odd weekend… I had one friend go awol on a visit, but considering it’s father’s day, and was visiting his family, that’s hardly a suprise. What is really odd, though is I got a call from a number I didn’t recognize. Assuming a cell phone transition had happened since his relocation I dialed it back and got a groggy voice. As this person has a tendency to be asleep at any given hour of the day, I just said his name, which he responded to in a confused way… he did not know who I was, however and was sure his roommate chris had called me and would call back. 2 hours later the roomie call and demanded to speak with some chick (avy-anne?, favian?… something..) and it turns out my number is one digit off some former interest (I didn’t ask, but got the feeling things were rocky) who’s nickname ‘avie’? happened to sound quite a bit like ‘abbey’ to a groggy person who happened to have the same name as the guy I was expecting a call from. That sort of eerieness typified my weekend.

I’m probably going to follow this up with a technical blog, mainly because I’ve been doing a lot of associated work as of late and feel the need to vent. But I feel that a blog like this, while being devoid of any lasting value has much more legitimacy than some douchebag’s opinion about the intricacies of some banal pursuit.

So, I’ll throw caution to the wind, because I’m sure this is all about self-expression, I’m sure this site would never devlove into a demographics experiment and meta data harvesting tool for news corp… surely…