Pedantic License

Blogging is a strange exercise, throwing things up against the filter… who will read this? could it prevent me from getting a job? could it make someone I love hurt? Would it reveal something that would alter people’s perception of me in some way I hadn’t planned? After all this distillation, is the product not bland? I think it is… like a diary who’s pages are burned and only barely legible.

I have considered doing a technical blog, since that’s what I am ‘expert’ (said in the voice of ooly in ‘logjammin’ from The Big Leibowski) at.. but really who needs one more dry bastard droning on and on about XML, web 2.0, prime encoding and other drivel I do on a day to day basis. But for that matter who even needs a cynical, witty curmudgeon? A self-deprecating slacker? A cornerstone of a cubical workspace? I think all bases are covered…

So in the interest of taking a medium that is already lame and trite and pushing those boundries, I’m going to continue to insult you, my loyal readers, with more poetry, which beside being completely devoid of any artistic merit, should hopefully lull you into a fraudulent sense of legitimacy, then suddenly leave you intellectually unsatisfied. I know, I know… I’m just a devious guy.