This is where I’ve traditionally had info pages about people in my life, now I think I’m just going to link to people I know with online personas, which makes things neater striking a nice balance between privacy and playing email tag.

Uzodinma Okehi – This guy was a constant partner in crime around macon when we were in high school, and I practically lived at his house. He’s now a writer and artist living in Brooklyn… here’s a sampling of some of his work online.

Divine Maggees – Tonya and I were able to meet these guys after a gig in Savannah and then again in Chicago, and both on a personal and creative level, they are awesome.

India Arie – When I was in my first year of college I spent an extraordinary amount of time loitering in the jewelry lab where Tonya (now my wife) and the other jewelry majors worked. There were probably never more than 15 people around and this was at a time when the major was graduating 10 people a year. In this cast of characters was an outspoken girl named India, who was just starting to play acoustic gigs in coffee shops around Savannah. Now she’s an icon, heh.

Jonathan Vance – Jonny was my comic drawing partner in lower school, who turned into a versitile musician as we got older. Check him out

Gilbert Beveridge – Gilbert was a fellow video major at SCAD who I used to go nerd out with on his rig, which he used to produce a demo with and then went out on tour. Check it out