Irrigated With Irritated

Sometimes there are days in your life where your step is light your mind is sharp and given any situation the outcome leans in your favor. Then juxtaposed to that there are days that make you approve of our lemming like run off of sustainability… leading, ultimately, to an final collapse of civilization.

So… I’ve always considered myself a pretty uncompromising guy, but somehow I’ve slid into a job where I get paid a very little, work long hours (including at home), have bosses who are unwilling to understand the software they own. I haven’t had time for any of my independent projects for over a month. I get no medical, no benefits, and yet I’m rolling out as Director of Development to Vegas monday. For a week. Sleeping on a fucking couch. Trying to cover up my bosses BS. Fun.

Which leads me to excellent event that totally fucks my day #2: My WWIIi mod has been copied by 2 guys who were working with me at one point (one who was continuing to lead me on (the other, who didn’t contribute, but I was being nice to)) and another guy who’s cozied up to me in the last month (now I know why). 2 of them lied point-blank to me when I asked about it. the most ridiculous thing is this game is played by maybe 30 people, what is the point of lying to get the jump on someone when there’s no payoff?

Then I was going to chat with someone about it who’s been putting me off for a few days and they are like ‘brb’ and gone for 3 hours while I get IMs from people who think my plug-in is about to be released, and I get to explain that not only is it not mine, but it was a product of a pyramid of deception.

I should’ve just gone to sleep after I got home from work, I think. suck.