Show with the Flow

Well, work today was an exercise in frustration. I spent all day with the guy I code with, trying to figure out a bug in the manifest (like a lookup that tells my program how to launch) file format. All day we hit error after error, then in the middle of the day I find out we have about a day and a half’s worth of extra stuff to do before friday, so I’m going to be working furiously through the next few days. Sweet. To top it off, I came home, started over on the problem and had it fixed in a very short amount of time. I’m finding it harder and harder to reconcile the fact I don’t get paid for my most productive work.

So, after the upcoming conference (I’m leaving Monday) I get to work on the next milestone, which means I’m working on code that will be common both to what I do at work, as well as what I do at home so that I will make huge advances in my free-time projects. Of course, I’ve been told that so many times, I’ve become cynical 😛

Even so, I’m still going to have to narrow my focus to just a couple of projects, which means a lot of my goals will have to wait. I’m kind of taking a gamble with my P2P sharing system (since our representatives are trying their best to prevent that sort of thing), but I just can’t afford to make it a priority right now. Oh well.