Placebo Panacea

Sometimes I feel like I am people’s safety, always at the ready to push the button to keep the ship on course. It’s funny, like any role, I resent it not for the things it associates me with, but rather, the attitudes it divorces me from.

I’m a navigator, cast-off when in sight of shore, left to my own guile. But then again, I guess if I want to not constantly be at the center of any number of problems, I should stop fixing them. So I have just a touch of ambient frustration at fate unwavering assault on my dynastic ambitions.

To appease this slightly, fate dealt me a pretty good hand last night, as Tonya said we had a date and that it was ‘a suprise’. So we head downtown, round the corner to SCAD’s Trustee’s theatre and I’m standing at the entrance to a They Might Be Giants show. They did a 2 part show that was excellent, in addition to playing all the songs I know by them, they have a very comedic stage presence which makes the segues work well, and they aren’t afraid to alter perennial classics or skewer a song that they are obligated to perform.

I missed TMBG when Hurricane Floyd almost hit and they evacuated us, Tonya and I even still have the tickets… so now they finally made it and, to offset the difference they played a great show, with 2 encores…

It was worth the wait 😀

Perhaps a feint, but only in my own mind.